Marté J Matthews, MA, MFT

Individual Therapy for Adults, Young Adults & Parents ​

Are you struggling to cope and need support?

Are you struggling with parenting? 

Therapy can help.

To begin therapy, I offer my support as you explain the problems you are facing, your areas of dissatisfaction and distress. I want to hear your viewpoint, to clearly understand.

Are you facing personal problems or relationship issues?

You love your kids 1000%, but you’re not “loving it” when it comes to day to day parenting. Would you like for that to change?

Dating with food allergies comes with some special challenges, and you need some support to figure out how to handle this. Gifted adults may find establishing and keeping healthy relationships is fraught with challenges.

Would you like more support to handle this?

Wondering what therapy might look like?

Working together, we set goals plus realistic steps that help you reach those goals. Through supportive therapy, combined with cognitive behavioral therapy and other methods, we work together. Finally, after you’re seeing progress on your goals, we regroup and reset new goals, until you’re feeling a sense that you have a better balance in your life. 

I work with young adults after the end of high school, in college and  just starting out, as well as adults and parents. Typical issues I work on with adults & parents include:

  • anxieties and worries
  • excessive perfectionism
  • Healthy and happier parenting
  • improving family communication
  • food allergy anxiety for individuals, families & parents
  • building healthier relationships with yourself and with others for Gifted & “2E” folks

You don’t need for life to be easy…but does it have to be this difficult? Let’s work on finding another way together.

Are you wondering how counseling could help? Curious if therapy might be a good next step for you? I offer a free 15 minute consultation initially to help you explore therapy as an option, and explain the first steps. 

Therapy for young adults, adults and parents can be either in-person in Santa Clara County, or via telehealth throughout California.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then
when you know better, do better.”