Marté J Matthews, MA, MFT

Psychotherapy for Adults & Families, For Children & Adolescents

in Santa Clara Valley, and throughout California via telehealth

Therapy for individuals and for families

I help Silicon Valley families communicate more calmly and effectively to solve problems and have a more peaceful home life. I am a licensed therapist in private practice, working in the field since 1999 primarily with children and families across Santa Clara Valley. I’m a graduate of University of California, Davis, with a B.S. in Applied Behavioral Sciences, and John F. Kennedy University (now National University) with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. 

What can you expect from therapy?

Families who work with me find that problems that seemed impossible become less overwhelming, and that instead of fights over the day to day activities, they have some established routines.

We start by having you explain the problems you are facing, so I get a clear understanding. Working together, we establish some goals and realistic steps that will help you reach those goals personally and in your family. Finally, after you’re seeing the possibilities, we re-examine the goals, reset and set new goals until you’re feeling like you have a clear direction and feel calmer in your family life.

I’m glad you’re here!

I help worried & anxious adults, teens & kids to handle anxiety, improve communication, and solve problems to have a happier family life. I work with people of all ages with anxiety, fears & phobias, food allergy related anxiety, and those in the gifted & gifted+ or 2E community.